Swiss cities among the safest destinations you can visit

by Lukas Burts, Oct. 17, 2017

Europe is still the most peaceful geographic region in the world according to the GPI (Global Peace Index), claiming eight out of the top 11 places. Iceland remains at the top of the global ranking, followed by Portugal, which has made the biggest improvement in the region. Switzerland ranks ninth and has continuously ranked top ten over the last decade.

Among cities of the word, Switzerland’s are the safest destinations you can visit. Nowadays the biggest concern for travelers is whether or not the destination they have selected will be safe to visit. Safety where you travel is the key to an enjoyable vacation. Minor incidents such as having your pockets picked could ruin your entire vacation!  Depending where you travel you will have to be aware of a number of security concerns as a traveler – not so in Switzerland! Read more…

Christmas and Christmas Markets in Switzerland

by Lukas Burts, Oct. 20, 2016

Christmas Market Packages: Fantastic Christmas Markets (2 nights), Swiss Christmas Markets (4 nights)

It is this time of the year again and Christmas is quickly approaching. That is a good reason to update our visitors about the Advent and our fabulous Christmas markets.

Traditional Christmas in Switzerland starts on Dec. 6 with “Samichlaus” (Swiss German for St. Nick) and his black-clad assistant, Schmutzli. These days Samichlaus is a good man which visits families, especially those with children. Samichlaus reads from his huge book of sins — co-authored by the parents — and then moralizes the kids in a soft way. The kids then ask for forgiveness by reciting a poem or playing an instrument. After this and assurances to get better, Samichlaus then allows the kids to reach deep into his bag for a tangerines, nuts, gingerbread, and other treats.

Christmas is then celebrated on Dec. 24 (Holy Night) and Dec. 25 (Christmas). It is the most important holiday for the Swiss which are 90% Christian. It is the time of the year when family members travel to see and visit with their loved ones. Christmas trees are decorated on Dec. 23 or in the morning of Dec. 24 and are still large decorated with real candles and all sorts of other Christmas decorations. Presents are generally opened when candles are lit. Trees stay up until Jan. 6 – the 3 Kings Day. Read more…