We approached Pepe Strub at Magic Switzerland as we found it difficult to find any information on the train system in Switzerland which was user friendly for our needs.  This was our first trip to Switzerland and we wanted to cover as much as we could in a week. Pepe was incredible with his responses to all our queries and gave us information to assist in our decisions.

We decided to do the Glacier Express from St Moritz to Zermatt. Pepe arranged our train tickets from Zurich to St Moritz and including our stay overnight at Hotel Stefani and breakfast. The hotel room was modern with lots of storage and looked and felt like you were staying in a Swiss Chalet. It was a lovely hotel and I would truly recommend staying in this hotel. The hotel picked us up from the train station and took us back the following morning to catch the Glacier Express to Zermatt.

Again Pepe out did himself with booking our seats we had spare seats next to us which made the 8 hour train ride even more spectacular. The scenery on the Glacier Express train line is incredible I thought we would get bored and read our book. Boy were we wrong, the scenery was spectacular and we looked out the windows and took lots of pictures all the way.  As suggested by Pepe we took lunch on the Glacier Express as I have dietary problems but the food on the train did look nice and not all that expensive.

On our arrival at Zermatt the hotel was there to pick us up and take to our rooms at the Park Hotel Beau-Site. Again this was another lovely hotel which also included breakfast. Our room had views over the Matterhorn, however, it was a bit cloudy and you could not see the mountain all that well. We walked around Zermatt in the afternoon of our arrival.  We had limited time and 1 night was unfortunately all that we could fit in. Pepe suggested a later train back to Zurich the next day to give us more time for sightseeing. Zermatt is beautiful and if time permits at least 2 days would be my suggestion. The train travel back to Zurich was also arranged by Pepe.  The return trip back to Zurich whilst not as scenic as the Glacier Express and much more crowded but was still pleasant as we saw more of the Swiss countryside.

We are not currently planning a trip to Switzerland, however, should the occasion arise we will certainly contact Magic Switzerland and Pepe Strub to assist with our Swiss itinerary and have no hesitation in recommending him to our friends and family.