We just got back from this Grand tour of Switzerland.  We could not say anything better than what Connie has arrange for us.  She has informed us that we will be rush on this trip and which she was right.  Because we took a 7 days cruise before we did this tour so we have packed extra clothing.  We were on the train with total of 3 luggage almost everyday. This is one of the time that we have switch hotel so much often.  For these 10 days, we were in 6 or 7 different hotels.  All the hotels were great except for the one we were in Montreux, Hotel Helvetie. The Hotel was very old and the restaurant that was in the hotel, service was horrible.  Connie has made everything easy for us with very details explanations on what train and direction to get to hotel and what to do in the spare time.  We really enjoy the stay in Interlaken and St. Mortiz.  Hotel Hauser in St. Moritz was a very unique hotel.  I like the way how it was design and the shuttle in St. Mortiz was very neat.  Wish the weather was nicer when we were there.  It was raining most of the days so it was hard for us to explore around.  All the scenic trains (Golden Pass, Bernina Express, Glacier Express, Wilhelm Tell Express).  We really like the tour to Jungfraujoch, that was one great experience.  We take a great experience with this trip.  Overall general, everyone was very nice and pleasant.  Might just need to plan better for the weather if we go again.  Out of the 10 days that we were there, we got rain / light snow for almost 6 days.  We got only 2 or 3 days with nice weather.  Luckily the most of the time we were on the train, so we did not miss too much shopping opportunity.  On the last stop in Lucerne, hotel Ibis was a bit small but the city was nice.  We would love to stay there for another day if we have time.  Connie makes all the timing for us back to Zurich airport in a very good timing.  We got some extra time to claims our Tax credit purchase at the airport in the customers for goods that we have purchase in Switzerland.  Overall, we got a very good experience. Thank you Connie.  I would recommend to all my friends and family should they ever need a trip to Switzerland to you. 🙂