Grand Tour of Switzerland

We just got back from this Grand tour of Switzerland.  We could not say anything better than what Connie has arrange for us.  She has informed us that we will be rush on this trip and which she was right.  Because we took a 7…

Custom Harvard Business School Alumni Trip

We are a group of 13 couples who just came home from a week-long trip to Switzerland in early August that Magic Switzerland/ Pepe organized and led for us. It was perfect in every way.

One spouse from each of the couples were all section mates at Harvard Business School 40 years ago and we have remained great friends who love to travel together. We’ve previously traveled to France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Russia, Israel and Alaska—by land, by barge, river boat. I’m the organizer who finds, partners with and then participates in this group vacation every year (our 2013 trip was our fifteenth). As organizer, I conducted very thorough due diligence and references before selecting Magic Switzerland as the travel partner to create our 2013 trip to Switzerland. Pepe and I worked closely with another HBS classmate/ trip participant who had spent many years living/ working in Switzerland. While this long-time Swiss resident advised Pepe in terms of which parts of Switzerland we should visit and suggested some of our programmed activities and many of the restaurants, Pepe provided considerable added value at each step of the process to make it even stronger and packaged the program seamlessly and within finely tuned budget parameters.

Ed & Gloria’s October 2012 Switzerland Trip

CUSTOM INDEPENDENT SWISS TOUR I recommend the services of Magic Switzerland (400 E 43 St #2, Kansas City MO 64110, phone800-337-9477 or 816-753-5573;, My wife, Gloria, and I booked an excellent AMA (an ITN advertiser) river cruise from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, The…