Those Swiss Peaks!

by Veronica Reyes, January 15, 2020

When I think about paradise, the first thing that comes to my mind is nature and joy. A place where you can unwind, fill your lungs with fresh air and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Do you feel related? Then Switzerland is the place for you to visit!

Millions of years ago the planet was very different from what we see today. The remaining geological evidence of these changes is spread throughout the world: mountains, rivers, glaciers, volcanoes and even the position of the continents has changed. Switzerland is a tiny piece of land full of natural wonders that record earth history. More than 60% of the country is mountainous and its inhabitants know how to take good care of this gift from nature (very eco-friendly people right there!).

Mostly in every town, village or city, you will find access to the majestic Swiss peaks. The doorway to the mountains is through steep trains, cable cars or by foot. The entire experience is an attraction itself, but the very best part are the vistas from the mountain summit. Scenic rides, sports and striking landscapes: perfect for a body and soul retreat.

Looking nice? Now you are probably thinking that these excursions must be pretty expensive. This is where the best part comes: they are not! As long as you have a rail pass (which is the best way to travel worry free within Switzerland) you will get a discount for most Swiss mountain excursions. Benefit from a 25% – 50% discount or even a free mountain excursion, for example to Mt Rigi.

One of my favorite excursions is Piz Gloria, Mt Schilthorn, in Mürren. The landscape from the summit of this part of the Bernese Oberland is just staggering. Up on Mt. Schilthorn you also get to experience the famous revolving restaurant that offers tasty food and 360° views of the Alps. Besides that, this famous peak is popular among the James Bond 007 fans, since it was here were the 1969 movie was filmed. A fully rewarding experience waits for you at 2,970 m / 9,744ft.

A good concept of paradise can be experienced in Switzerland! Don’t overthink it and visit the wonders of Switzerland on your next vacation. We will be very happy to assist you creating the best experience out of this natural treasure.  Feel free to contact us anytime!