Booking Process

From the time you contact us about your Swiss vacation, we work closely together to ensure that the outcome is what you expect from a quality vacation. We will make sure that you are satisfied with the hotels based on your budget and preference. During the entire process we provide you with our expert knowledge for best results. Here is a basic, step-by-step breakdown of a typical consulting and booking process:

  1. Consulting – At Magic Switzerland we listen to what you want, to your preferences and needs regarding your Swiss Vacation. Because we listen to you, we are able to consult you and provide you with a customized itinerary that will fulfill all your expectations.
  2. Reservations – Once the proposed itinerary is agreed with you, we will make your reservations directly with the service providers in Switzerland. Having an office in Switzerland guarantees top service and benefits the reservation process. Once everything is confirmed, we will send you your final itinerary.
  3. Booking – Upon agreeing on your final itinerary, you will need to send us payment either via credit card or via a certified check. We then reconfirm all pertinent reservations for you and once all reservations are in place, process your payment.
  4. Confirmation Vouchers – A couple of days after processing your payment, we will send you your confirmation vouchers together with a summary of all reservations. Upon presenting your vouchers in Switzerland, you will be recognized as a guest of Magic Switzerland and will receive the service as indicated.

To start planning your trip to Switzerland with one of our agents, please fill in our Vacation Planner.

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