Centovalli Railway

Little known, but impressive! The track of the Centovalli Railway connects Domodossola in Italy and Locarno in Switzerland crossing hundreds of valleys, waterfalls and deep gorges. The track connecting these two countries was originally built in 1909 and was designed to link the Italian and Swiss rail networks - a great combination of the Mediterranean and the Alps.

The journey on the Centovalli train takes approximately two hours and covers a distance of 52 kilometers (32 miles). The train passes through 83 bridges and 31 tunnels. Along the way, travelers can enjoy breathtaking views of charming villages, ancient castles, and historical churches. Passengers can choose from several classes of service, including standard, first-class, and panoramic cars with large windows. The most attractive option is the Treno Panoramico Vigezzo Vision, named after the Vigezzo Valley (known as the Valley of the Painters) that has inspired many artists throughout history due to its natural scenery and valuable cultural heritage.

The route easily connects western to southern Switzerland, giving travelers the opportunity to cover different regions in a short time. Another interesting aspect is that thanks to its geographic position between the two countries, the Centovalli Railway route is a natural paradise among hikers. Curious travelers will hop on and off the train and explore the unspoiled nature of the villages along way.

The Centovalli train is a popular attraction for tourists visiting the region, and it operates year-round. Some of the highlights of the Centovalli train route include the famous Santuario della Madonna del Sasso (Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Rock) in Locarno, the Verdasio waterfall, and the picturesque villages of Intragna and Santa Maria Maggiore. The train also crosses the impressive bridge over the River Isorno, which is a popular spot for photography.

Considered as one of the most scenic train journeys in Europe, the Centovalli Railway and is a must-see for anyone visiting the region.

Route Map

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