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The GoldenPass Express train is one of the famous scenic trains in Switzerland. It connects three of the most popular destinations: Montreux, Gstaad and Interlaken. This picturesque route transports you from the Bernese Alps to Lake Geneva’s region, passing through Gstaad, a famous resort town known for its scenic beauty of alpine meadows and rolling hills. The GoldenPass Express crossing from Lake Geneva into the heart of the Swiss Alps follows an old trading route that has been used since the Middle Ages.

From Interlaken, both Mt. Schilthorn and Mt. Jungfrau can be reached within 2 hours. Interlaken is located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and is considered the gateway to the Bernese Oberland. In Montreux, you will see palm trees and experience the southern charm of Switzerland. This makes the GoldenPass Express the transportation of choice to explore this beautiful region of Switzerland.

Starting with the 2023 season, the GoldenPass Express offers a few direct connections between Montreux and Interlaken. A new train composition is eliminating the change of trains in Zweisimmen. This technological marvel (train) consists of a complex gauge-changing system that allows passengers to remain in the comfort of their seats instead of switching trains. Upon arrival in Interlaken you can connect with the Luzern-Interlaken Express and continue along 4 lakes to Lucerne.

Passengers of the GoldenPass Express now also have the opportunity to travel in Prestige Class. This new travel class offers luxurious leather seats that can be rotated 180 degrees and the wagon is more elevated compared to the other classes for a better view of the landscape.

The entire train has an elegant and beautiful design with large windowpanes that will allow every guest to enjoy the magnificent panoramic journey that climbs mountains, dives into tunnels and passes over lakes, lush green valleys and vineyards. An exciting rail experience that guarantees an unforgettable journey!

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