Bündner Herrschaft, Graubünden

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The Bündner Herrschaft, located in the northernmost corner of Graubünden, is the gateway to the canton. Its excellent Blauburgunder wines made the region famous as a winegrowing region. The fairly small vacation region has at its center the town of Maienfeld, home of Heidi - the world-famous children's book character.

The Bündner Herrschaft, a small vacation and wine-growing region in the northernmost corner of Graubünden, extends from the right side of the Rhine to the border with the principality of Liechtenstein. At its center is the town of Maienfeld. Here, at the gateway to Graubünden, its most famous inhabitant, Heidi, awaits your visit. The author, Johanna Spyri, was inspired by the scenic Bündner Herrschaft 120 years ago to write the famous bestseller.

Incidentally, "Herrschäftler" is not a designation for the local population, but the name of an excellent wine. Graubünden's most important wine-growing region is the Bündner Herrschaft with the towns of Fläsch, Maienfeld, Jenins and Malans.

Wine from Graubünden is no longer an insider tip. But its variety is waiting to be discovered: 45 varieties of grapes grow in the Herrschaft, which is the warmest wine-growing region in German-speaking Switzerland. Over 50 different wines are produced here, and the Blauburgunder predominates with 78 percent.

Many vineyards and wine cellars (regionally called Torkel) can be visited. On the vineyard-hiking trail, visitors learn about the production of the fine local wine. The vintners, the climate, and not least the Föhn winds, produce year after year marvelous vintages with ideal values on the Öchsle scale. Various vintners let their finest wine mature in barriques and achieve top honors at international tastings.


The author Johanna Spyri spent her vacations in the Bündner Herrschaft, where she felt inspired to write her world-famous novel, "Heidi". She soon found suitable backdrops for her story, such as the old hamlet above Maienfeld (660m) that is today called Heidi Village. It boasts a Heidi Museum and is the starting point of the Heidi Adventure Trail, a lovely journey through history and time. The trail leads not only to Heidi's House, but also to Geissenpeter's home, and to the Ochsenberg (1111m), the dwelling place of Heidi's beloved grandpa, Alpöhi.


Skiers, carver and snowboarders revel in the winter sports pleasures offered in the nearby skiing areas of Malbun via Pizol and Flumserberg that extend up to Grüsch-Danusa and Chur-Brambrüesch


  • Heidi Museum - Since 1998, the "original" Heidi House has been a Museum and Information Center. In addition to the museum there is a village store, where visitors obtain exclusive mementos and souvenirs.
  • Heidi Trail - Adventure trail leading to the most important settings of the children's classic by Johanna Spyri: Heidi Village, Heidi Fountain, Heidi Alp.
  • Maienfeld - charming town surrounded by vineyards, known as "Heidi's hometown", with historic center, various patrician townhouses and Castle Salenegg.
  • Vineyard Trail - the easy hiking loop east of Malans features informative markers about the production of "Herrschäftler" wines, and a playground with a picnic area and barbecue grill.

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