Muottas Muragl

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The entire Upper Engadine region lies at your feet when you are perched on the hiking mountain high above the Inn River Valley. The breathtaking views of the four lakes and the world-famous resort town of St. Moritz extend far beyond the mountain ranges into the distant horizon.

The magnificent view from the hiking mountain Muottas Muragl has inspired poets and painters for centuries. The hut that was once used by the painter Giovanni Segantini, for example, is nearby. And a philosophers' path, a seven-kilometer long winter hiking trail, retraces the footsteps of great thinkers of past epochs. In the summer, the Panoramic Path takes you across alpine hills and pastures into nearby valleys.

The hotel and restaurant Muottas Muragl (located at 2,456m) offers regional culinary specialties and Italian cuisine as well as an extensive choice of wines from all over the world. The hotel and the viewing platform have been accessible by mountain train since 1907.

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