Swiss National Park

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Everything is nature-oriented in the Swiss National Park in the Engadine. All this can be enjoyed in an area of over 170 square kilometers. Thanks to 80 kilometers of hiking paths, nature trails and excursion destinations for children and families; everyone can have a good time in this extraordinary park.

The Swiss National Park, founded in 1914, is the oldest in the Alps. Thanks to the strict conservation of nature - one is not allowed to leave the hiking paths - ibexes, chamois, marmots, northern hares, lizards and innumerable birds can be observed in the wild.

The visitors' center in Zernez houses permanent exhibitions about the National Park, changing exhibitions about natural history and a platform for nature conservancy organizations. Excursions for children and families lead far into the park and encourage the playful exploration and discovery of the environment even for small children. Nature-related offerings promote awareness and understanding of nature for teenagers.

1 August 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Swiss National Park (SNP). On that date, a handful of pioneers and visionaries established the first national park in the Alps setting a remarkable example for the protection of nature. The anniversary offers an opportunity to look back and to look ahead: How has the national park experiment worked out over the past 100 years? What are our goals for the next 100 years?

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