Weather & Seasonal Changes

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Recommended travel period
The recommended time to make the Grand Tour is the summer season from April to October. Transit through the mountain passes is only guaranteed during the summer months. However, alternatives such as tunnels or car-train services are available.
Alpine passes

Before you set off on your trip, you should always take a look at current weather conditions. The weather can change rapidly, especially in the mountains. This way you are well prepared in the case sudden thunderstorms with hail or snow showers should surprise you even in summer – and can react in good time.

Adjust your driving to the prevailing conditions. Signs on the roadway indicating icy patches should be taken seriously even in spring and autumn. Freezing water blown from lakes or rivers and foliage on the road in autumn can make the road a slippery challenge. Game on the road is another possible danger not to be underestimated, especially at dusk or dawn.

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