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Lugano is the most important city in Southern Switzerland and part of the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino. A meandering Lake of Lugano and uncountable hills and mountains are surrounding this attractive city. Know for centuries to artists, writers and poets for its exceptionally mild climate, its wonderful views and its colorful vegetation, Lugano also has the reputation as a cultural and business center. Its typical Mediterranean atmosphere, Italian culture and creativity skillfully combined with Swiss organization and efficiency will certainly satisfy all your expectations. Lugano is also the third financial place in Switzerland after Zurich and Geneva and a holiday destination for many Swiss since the end of 1800's. Along the lake you see lots of Venetian-type villages, showing of the closeness of its neighbor Italy. Words and pictures cannot describe its beauty.

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The area around Lake Lugano is the perfect place for any occasion - we present you a wide variety of attractions and activities in Lugano for all seasons!

Lugano has two directions: up and down. The train station sits high above the city with the lake promonade below. Between them are winding cobblestone streets, large piazzas and great shopping areas. The only transportation you need are your feet. There is a cog-wheel tram that will take you between the train station and the lower city for a very small fee, but you will miss some very interesting views. Most of the surrounding villages on Lake Lugano can be reached by car, train or bus. Probably the most picturesque village is Gandria.

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