Travel Guide to Mt. Gornergrat

A visit to Mt. Gornergrat’s viewing platform is often comprised with the most enlightening and clear sights of Switzerland’s famous Matterhorn. It provides best views of the Matterhorn. This once in a lifetime opportunity leaves unforgettable panoramas with featured experiences especially unique to all of Europe. Two of which include Europe’s highest open-air cog railway and the highest altitude hotel. A stunning 29 peaks exceed 4,000m/13,123ft in altitude and can be observed from any one of the observational outlooks.

The Gornergrat cog railway is Switzerland’s first electrical rack railway, operating since 1898. This round trip excursion leads visitors on a memorable route travelling with steep ascents to the mountain’s summit station. It features extraordinary views of Europe’s tallest peak, known as the Matterhorn with the pristine glacial Lake Riffel in its foreground.

Excursion to Mt. Gornergrat

Passes with Free Access

Holders of a Swiss Pass, Swiss Flexi Pass, Swiss Card or Swiss Half Card Fare are all granted a 50% discount on round trip travel to and from Mt. Gornergrat. This includes access to the summit’s viewing platform and Gornergrat’s mountain cog railway.

Route from Zermatt

The cog railway departs from Zermatt’s valley station, which is located about 50m/164ft from the main train station. Passengers are then brought to the summit in just 33 minutes at an impressive vertical climb of 1,469m/4,819ft. The train’s open windows issue clear panoramic views, enticing its passengers with the fresh and crisp mountain air.

Duration of excursion

The minimum duration to Mt. Gornergrat’s railway station is half a day (5 hours) when visiting from Zermatt. It’s a great starting point for summer day hikes or winter sledging adventures between its mid stations of Rotenboden and Riffelberg. A popular activity includes hiking one-way while taking the cog railway another. Additional features include hotels, restaurants, shops, sun terrace and 360° viewing platform.


Operating year round, Gornergrat’s cog railway departs Zermatt at 20-minute intervals during winter months. However departure intervals vary throughout the year.


To ensure clear panoramic views, check Mt. Gornergrat’s website for live webcams and forecasted weather conditions. It’s also recommended to dress in layers, pack a windbreaker and wear good walking shoes.

Location and Map

Mt. Gornergrat is located in the Canton of Valais next to the village of Zermatt and it is 227 km/141 miles from Berne. It takes about 33 minutes to the top of Mt. Gornergrat and approx. 2 hours 40 minutes to reach the summit from Berne.

Gornergrat Switzerland

Elevation 3,089m/10,134ft


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