Mt. Pilatus

Mt. Pilatus is located in Central Switzerland near Lucerne and offers spectacular views of 73 Alpine peaks. Towering over the region with an altitude of 2,128m/6,982ft, the Pilatus begs endless enjoyment all throughout the year. Visitor accessibility is made convenient with frequent gondola and aerial cable car connections leaving directly from Kriens near Lucerne or via the steepest classic cogwheel train from Alpnachstad. The mountain’s alpine region offers plenty year round attractions and activities making it an enjoyable excursion for any visitor.

Summit facilities feature a terrace with stunning panoramas, culinary highlights, a hotel and serve as an ideal starting point for many excursions. During summer months, visitors can explore extensive hiking trails, paragliding opportunities or alpine rope park. Winter experiences are equally thrilling and include bobsledding, snowshoeing and the chance to discover the mountains mythical legends on the dragon trail. Despite countless activities, the Mt. Pilatus summit itself provides memorable outlooks over the Lake Lucerne region and vast range of Alpine peaks.

Excursion to Mt. Pilatus

Free with Lake Lucerne Tell Pass

Holders of the Lake Lucerne Region’s Tell-Pass are granted free access to Mt. Pilatus’ summit using alpine transports like aerial cableways or cogwheel railways. Holders of the Swiss Travel Pass are granted a 50% discount.

Route from Lucerne

Mt. Pilatus can be reached from the underlying Lake Lucerne region using various modes of transport via Alpnachstad or Kriens.  Visitors approaching the summit from Alpnachstad board the world’s steepest cogwheel railway whereas from Lucerne travel with panoramic gondolas and the “Dragon Ride” aerial cableway via Kriens.

Duration of excursion

Visiting Mt. Pilatus is a half-day excursion however can easily be extended with round trip tours and many more exciting excursions to full day. The cogwheel railway departing Alpnachstad brings passengers directly to the summit in 30 minutes. The panoramic gondolas have a similar duration with an additional 5-minute ride aboard the aerial cableway.


Mt. Pilatus’ is accessible year round using the panoramic gondolas and the cableway via Kriens. The cogwheel railway operates beginning mid May through November with 40-minute interval departures.


When visiting Mt. Pilatus it’s recommended to dress in layers or pack a windbreaker at any time during the year. Consider checking local weather forecasts for days with clear visibility and always equip a pair of good walking shoes.

Location and Map

Mt. Pilatus is centrally located in the Canton of Lucerne and overlooking various regional lakes. It is just south of Zurich and approximately 115 km/71 miles) east of Bern. From Lucerne it takes approx. 60 minutes to reach the top while from Berne it takes about 2 hours.

Pilatus Switzerland

Central Switzerland
Elevation 2,128m/6,982ft


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