Mt. Rigi

Mt. Rigi Switzerland

Elevation 1,798m / 5,897ft

Vitznau, Weggis, Arth Goldau







Take a Mt. Rigi excursion to the “Queen of the Mountains” or also referred as the Swiss Family Mountain. It offers spectacular 360˚ views of the surrounding mountains including Mt. Pilatus. Accessible by cogwheel train or cableway, Mt. Rigi boasts views of 13 lakes and lengthy mountain ranges, as the mountain is perfectly located between Lakes Lucerne and Zug. Mt. Rigi excursions are possible 365 days of the year and are fun during any season!

There is something for everyone at Mt. Rigi. Take a day to go hiking, ride on an aerial cable car, reminisce on a cog-train, enjoy a spa day at the mineral baths in Rigi Kaltbad, or dine at one of the many restaurants. We suggest the “Majestic Round Trip”, great for all ages, which includes travel by boat, cog railway, and train.

Excursion to Mt. Rigi

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Holders of a Swiss Travel Pass or a validated Swiss Flex Pass can take a Mt. Rigi excursion for free.

Route to Mt. Rigi

From Lucerne, take a boat to Weggis or Vitznau, then either take the cable car from Weggis or the cogwheel train from Vitznau to Rigi Kaltbad. From Rigi Kaltbad continue by cogwheel to Rigi Kulm. Then descend to Arth Goldau and return to Lucerne by train. You can also start the Rigi excursion in Arth-Goldau and then descend to either Vitznau or Weggis. Rigi is accessible by cog train and cable car with connect with the boat and the train.

Duration of excursion

We recommend allowing for anywhere between 4-8 hours for a Mt. Rigi excursion. It takes approximately 30 mins from Vitznau and 10 mins from Weggis to get to Rigi Kaltbad, or approx. 37 mins from Arth-Goldau to Rigi Kulm.


Operates year-round, approx. 2 cog trains/cable cars per hour. Cable car from Weggis only operates from May to October.


Good walking shoes, hat and sun glasses are recommended. Keep in mind that the mountain will generally be cooler than the valley below, in Lucerne, please dress appropriately. A wind breaker jacket is always a good thing to carry in your backpack.

Location and Map

Mt. Rigi is located in both the Schwyz and Lucerne cantons. It takes approx. 1 hour 30 minutes from Lucerne via Arth Goldau to reach the summit at Rigi Kulm and a bit longer when you take to boat and ascend from Weggis or Vitznau.

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