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Murten / Morat

Destination Murten

The city wall and the castle of MurtenMurten is situated between Berne and Lausanne and is the capital of the Lake District of the canton of Fribourg. This small medieval town lies in the Swiss "Midlands" on the edge of the Great Marsh, on a gentle hill (450 metres above sea level) and on the shore of a lake named after the town. Numerous attractions from a significant past have been well preserved here, such as the castle, the ring wall, the street scene and the arcades. Lake of Murten is a smaller lake in between Lake of Biel and Lake of Neuchatel.

Mount Vully is situated on the western side of the Seeland's largest plain and resembles a pearl gently placed among the three lakes of Murten, Neuchatel and Biel. Already long ago, the Celtic and Helevetic tribes appreciated the region's temperate climate and the local countryside's particular charm. Today, the Vully vineyards take up a large part of the south face of the Vully. The over 100 hectares of vineyards are facing towards the Murten Lake, witch assures the mild regional climate.

Murten is also famous in history for the defeat of Charles the Bold by the Swiss. The former fortified city, which has kept most of its ramparts and towers, has picturesque charm.

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