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Responsible Travel - Sustainable Tourism in Switzerland

Being a responsible traveler entails actions that can easily be included in Switzerland. From using public transportation to selecting your hotels wisely; opting for outdoor activities and reducing your consumption of single use plastic. All these little steps will allow you to leave a positive environmental footprint on our planet and Switzerland has all the tools to make it happen.

As a global leader in sustainable tourism, Switzerland ranks first on the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). The big cities like Zurich, Berne and Geneva have been praised repeatedly for its sustainability skills. Apart from improving the environment, the Swiss are also leaders in recycling and are committed to the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Organic waste gets composted and what cannot be recycled gets combusted to energy. Adapting to these practices in Switzerland is easy and you will leave a positive impact while traveling without even noticing it.

A good way to minimize CO2 emissions and to responsible travel is to use public transportation as much as we can, wherever we can. Fortunately, Switzerland has one of the most efficient public transportation networks in the world and the best part, it is eco-friendly! Thanks to the density of its net you can explore Switzerland hassle free by train, boat or postal bus. All three are well synchronized and will guarantee you a wonderful experience! Aside from the environmental benefits it creates, the ticket prices for the Swiss rail system are reasonable, especially for foreign travelers. Including discounts and numerous perks, the Swiss Travel System is the preferred method of transportation, even for the Swiss themselves. Book your Swiss Travel Pass online and take your first step to become a responsible traveler!

Switzerland stands out in the world for its stunning nature. The beauty of the Alps and the turquoise lakes between the mountains are constantly attracting photographers and adventurers. These natural wonders also permit gentle tourism to be practiced. Hiking, biking, skating and even some water activities can enhance your vacation without leaving a negative impact on the environment. Plan your own leisure tour with the guidance of the fabulous Switzerland Mobility platform – a network for non-motorized activities around the country. Choose your favorite activity and a region and discover the outdoor paradise Switzerland represents.

Another gift of nature in Switzerland is water. It meets very high standards of quality and groundwater protection zones make it possible to distribute water without having to treat it. This is a great benefit not only for everyone hydrating in Switzerland, but also for the environment. You can safely drink water from every tap (unless marked not safe for drinking), meaning that you can bring your reusable bottle and fill it up anytime. This way you will be traveling responsibly and will avoid single use plastic during your vacation.

Another point to take into consideration while traveling responsibly is to select your hotels wisely. Many hotels in Switzerland are dedicated to sustainable tourism. This means that they monitor water and electricity consumption, use renewable energy sources, reduce waste or use regional products. Also, opt for local-owned hotels instead of big chains. Supporting local economy and communal organizations is part of the sustainability skills you can implement while traveling.

Switzerland is proud of its car free resorts which are yet another great option to travel gently and practice sustainable tourism! Besides, it is a great experience that cannot easily be found in other countries around the world.

Responsible travelers blend in and leave a positive footprint wherever they go. Magic Switzerland encourages you to immerse yourself in every destination you visit in Switzerland and in any other country. Know the culture, be conscious, raise awareness and travel responsibly. Enhance your own understanding of our world with exploration and discovery while at the same time you decrease your travel footprint. And remember, small changes eventually add up!

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