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Our Swiss travel consultants know Switzerland intimately either from being raised in this country or having visited many times. We are all Switzerland Travel Experts and are here to assist you in preparing the perfect tour itinerary from arrival to departure.

Karen Bianchi
Karen was born and raised in Zurich. She has been working in the tourism industry and promoting Switzerland as a travel destination ever since she started her career after graduating in hospitality at SSTH, Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality. As a tourism professional and hospitality school graduate Karen has extensive experience in customer service and is comfortable speaking in (Swiss) German, Italian, English, French and Spanish. During the many years working for Switzerland Tourism, at their headquarters in Zurich and abroad, she has continuously enhanced her knowledge about Switzerland and tourism marketing. As a passionate traveler Karen has visited many destinations worldwide, and has been living abroad several times.

Veronica Reyes
Veronica is a travel agency consultant for Switzerland who has specialized in immersing herself in the Swiss culture and the wonders that the small Alpine country has to offer. She studied tourism and worked as a Tour Guide in her native country of Guatemala, which has helped her to understand the needs of each visitor from a different perspective. Passionate about crafting bespoke experiences, she ensures every itinerary reflects the unique interests and desires of our clients. As a specialist in a people-focused profession, Veronica has excellent social skills, cultural awareness and is comfortable communicating in English, German and Spanish.

Christen Fleming
As a Swiss national who grew up in the US, Christen has the unique opportunity to view Switzerland through the eyes of both a local and as a traveler and is passionate about sharing her love of Swiss travel and culture with others. She has a background in working for tour organizers and both major and boutique hotels in the US and Europe and loves creating magical Swiss travel experiences by curating custom itineraries for her clients. As a mother of two young children, she is familiar with the many incredible offerings that Switzerland has for families, but is always on the lookout for all things extraordinarily and charmingly Swiss for couples and families alike.

Sara Casapulla
After her studies in tourism, Sara moved to London and later to Paris where she worked for different tour operators. She then lived and worked in India as an India travel specialist for 4 years. Now back in Switzerland she has been working as a Switzerland Travel Expert ever since. Sara lives now in a beautiful green valley surrounding Lugano, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland where she is creating tailor-made vacations for our clients. Fluent in English, French and Italian, she likes to spend her free time in discovering new hiking trails with her 2 dogs, plant-based cooking and is a dedicated animal rights activist.

Lisa Scherer
As an enthusiastic traveler, Lisa explored many countries in East and Southeast Asia. She was born and raised in Zurich and knows Switzerland from extensive travels throughout the country. Since being trained as a Switzerland Travel Expert, Lisa has been working as a remote Switzerland travel consultant out of her second home country Japan. She is happy to share her passion for traveling with our clients and to help them organize their perfect vacation. Her other time she dedicates to her own campervan rental company in Osaka.

Pepe Strub
Pepe Strub is a seasoned Switzerland travel professional from Basel and knows Switzerland inside out. He specializes in elaborate itineraries including hiking, biking and adventure sports. He also enjoys escorting groups by train and coach through Switzerland and neighboring countries. Prior to working in tourism he has worked in international trade and banking. His fluency in four languages has contributed to his success in arranging trips for demanding clients from all over the world. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Americas.

Sombatua Sihotang
Sombatua was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. His political degree and German language skills brought him first to work at the German Embassy and then at the Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia, where he also worked for Switzerland Tourism for 2 years as the Marketing Representative in Indonesia. This experience allowed him to learn a lot about Switzerland as a tourism destination and to become a Switzerland Travel Expert. He also has extensive experience in communication and marketing and has been enhancing his sales knowledge ever since he started working for Magic Switzerland.

Nicole Williams
Born and raised in the Swiss capital of Berne. After graduating from the SHV Hotel Management College, Nicole worked for different hotels in the Berne area as well as for the Business Travel Department at Swisscom for over 5 years. She is fluent in English, French and German and has an extensive Switzerland knowledge. Since Nicole has been living in Atlanta, she loves going back to Switzerland for several weeks every summer and enjoys traveling around and exploring. She is always happy to share her new experiences and knowledge with our clients.

Annalaine Makajil
After graduating from University in England, Anna worked as a research analyst for a few years in Kuala Lumpur and then moved to Switzerland 18 years ago. In addition to being a travel consultant for Magic Switzerland and looking for the best options for her clients, she's also a content and forum moderator with MySwissAlps, an online resource for travelers. Anna enjoys exploring the Swiss Alps with her family, spending winter holidays in the mountains and hiking the trails all seasons.

Sara Werren
Sara was born in Berne, Switzerland where she pursued her education in Hospitality and Tourism. Her professional journey has taken her to Maldives and further to Vienna where she contributed to a hotel pre-opening project. With a deep-rooted love for travel, she often finds herself spending several months abroad, exploring new cultures and experiences. Therefore, she delights in sharing her knowledge of Switzerland with her clients, infusing her interactions with a deep appreciation for cultures. In her free time she loves to cook plant-based, go diving, reading and practicing Yoga. Sara is fluent in English, French, and German.

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