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Swiss passport and visa provisions
Please follow the links below to information about Swiss passport and visa requirements from the Swiss Federal Aliens Office:

Visa application form
Addresses of Swiss Representations abroad

Get a Swiss Pass
The Swiss Pass is your best option for traveling around Switzerland. They are made for tourists, are discounted and not available to Swiss residents. Your Swiss Pass covers the entire country and the world’s most sophisticated transportation network. The system is programed to integrate the extraordinary rail network with an extensive bus network so you can easily travel to the most out-of-the-way finds. And it includes lake steamers as well.

Scenic Trains sell out
Please note that especially the Glacier Express, the Bernina Express and the Chocolate Train can sell out. These are highlights for travelling around Switzerland and we recommended you to ride at least one of Switzerland’s scenic trains. They feature panoramic windows and circulate on fascinating routes and let you experience the most breathtaking alpine landscapes.

Entrance to museums
A Swiss Rail Pass includes entry to about 500 museums in Switzerland with the Museum Pass. Some of the best museums and collections of Europe are exhibited in Switzerland. The museum pass is included with a Swiss Rail Pass. A few private museums are not included, but some offer a discount of 50%.

Bring a refillable water bottle with you to Switzerland. Our water is of excellent quality and you can fill your water bottle at your hotel and many other places.

Meals at Migros and Coop
The two main groceries stores Migros and Coop both offer excellent restaurants at their city and larger locations. The food is varied including vegetarian dishes, delicious and costs a fraction of what you pay at a restaurant. Recommended mainly for lunch and/or early dinners, these stores do close around 6:30 PM.

Berne on a rainy day
Rain or shine, Berne is a pure delight to leisurely stroll along one of the longest shopping promenades in Europe. From one house to the next – shop after shop. Entire rows of houses merge into one integrated whole, all connected by long covered promenades – the arcades. Especially on a rainy day, spending a day in Berne is recommended.

Try an e-bike
You can rent a Flyer e-bike at almost any train station in Switzerland. Riding them on Switzerland’s specially designated bike routes from destination to destination is a lot of fun.

Swim in a lake
Swimming together with hiking and biking are among the Swiss’ favorite pass-times. Lake warm up in May and from June until September a swim in a clean lake or river is priceless.

We recommend to travel light especially if you are traveling around Switzerland on a Swiss Pass. You will appreciate not having to schlepp too many luggage items. A suitcase on wheels together with a back pack works best. Dress in layers as the mornings can be cold, but once the sun is out it usually warms up quickly. For mountain excursions bring good shoes and a wind braker.

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