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Destination Thun

Thun is one of the most original towns in Switzerland. It occupies an admirable site within view of the Bernese Alps and is much overlooked by visitors pressing on to Interlaken. With its picturesque castle and quaint medieval center Thun (pronounced toon) is well worth a visit. Beautiful views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and, closer at hand, the giant pyramidal Niesen (2362m) and flat-topped Stockhorn (2190m) are a gentle prelude to the Alpine vistas further south.

Lovely Lake Thun and surrounding mountainsLake Thun is one of the loveliest and largest lakes in Switzerland and very much appreciated by tourists and locals alike. Located within green mountains and snowy summits (namely the Jungfrau) Lake Thun presents many opportunities for water-sports and swimming. A well documented network of walking path along the Lake and above the villages in the foothills invite for activities such as hiking and mountain biking.

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