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We specialize in Switzerland custom vacations. We have been providing our clients with unique vacation experiences since 2001. We offer a Switzerland trip planner service to assist you with self-guided and guided tour itineraries. Switzerland offers a wide variety of destinations in a relatively small and mountainous country.  Visit a chocolate factory, ride a scenic train, take a cable car to one of the mountain peaks or just relax to the sound of cowbells on a park bench and enjoy the views. Every itinerary is custom designed and based on the interests and preferences you provide us.

Please complete the Switzerland trip planner and detail as much as possible so we can provide you with the best assistance possible. We will respond quickly.

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    A Switzerland custom vacation can take anywhere from 2 overnights for a Glacier Experience to 4 weeks for a in-depth vacation including the highlights of the country. You can travel by train, by private limousine or by rental car. Mountain and lake excursions are most recommended however Switzerland offers so much more. The Swiss are proud of their extensive hiking path network which is well sign posted and makes hiking safe and easy. The water of all lakes is clean and begs for water related activities in the summer.

    Our Switzerland trip planner is easy to use and will only take a few minutes to complete. Make sure to include personal preferences and give us as much information as possible. You may even name previous vacation experiences at other destinations and what you liked and didn’t. A Switzerland custom vacation package works best when traveling by train. Switzerland’s travel system and the Swiss Rail Passes also include lake and city transportation and provide you with significant discounts on mountain rides.

    If you are not sure where to start then look at our sample itineraries or choose from a standard train package.

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