Voralpen-Express Switzerland

The Voralpen-Express Switzerland (or referred to as Pre-Alpine Express Train) runs hourly between Central Switzerland and Eastern Switzerland. The scenic train tour from Lucerne via Arth-Goldau and Rapperswil to St. Gallen takes little more than 2 hours. It is not the fastest way to travel between these two Swiss regions, but for sure rewarding for tourists. You will come by lush forests covering beautiful foothills to the Alps in the Appenzellerland and Toggenburg, picturesque villages and across elevated viaducts.

The Pre-Alpine train is not a train of superlatives. It is more an insider tip for advanced travelers who wish to travel between Lucerne and Eastern Switzerland. Instead of traversing the Alps or mountain valleys, the Voralpen Express shows you the charm of the foothills of the Alps. Along the way you will find the city of roses Rapperswil with its castle, rugged rock faces and deep gorges and St. Gallen with its famous Abbey Library.

The Pre-Alpine Express runs all year long and takes 2 hours 15 minutes from Lucerne to St. Gallen.

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